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About Us

Hawksmoor is a high achieving, vibrant primary school with 3 forms of entry (since September 2010). We are an over subscribed primary school for boys and girls set in attractive grounds in the heart of Thamesmead.

We offer high quality education for children from 3-11 years old and welcome children from all religious and cultural backgrounds, those with disabilities and special needs and have been awarded the Inclusion Charter Mark.

The school is single storey and the classrooms are accessible for wheelchair users. There is ample play space, with separate, well-equipped, playgrounds for each key stage.


Our Aims

We aim to develop the all-round ability of each child in our care, to help them develop the ability to learn and reason, so that each child enjoys his or her school work and finds satisfaction in achieving his or her potential. The achievement of these aims will be through the National Curriculum and the school's curriculum plan.


Our Values

Hawksmoor sustains its community through its ambitious, industrious and supportive ethos. Our ethos is underpinned by our core values:

  • Flying High at Hawksmoor:
    high expectations and standards
  • Flying in Formation:
    teamwork, collaboration, partnership and good relations
  • We Believe We Can All Fly:
    celebrating success at all levels
  • Equal Value, Equal Appreciation:
    celebrating diversity, promoting inclusion
  • Welcoming and Fun:
    excellence through enjoyment
  • Creating a Learning Culture:
    creativity and learning for life

This presentation, given at school assemblies the first week of the new school year, gives children an understanding of how we live our school life at Hawksmoor.

Find out more about our Ethos, Behaviour and Safety.