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Eagles' School Journey

Day 5 - homeward bound

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Today everyone was up extra early to make sure belongings were packed and rooms cleaned. We had a great week but now we are on our way home!

Day 4

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Today, Birch and Rowan went for their long walk. They had a choice to go by the canal or go up the mountain - they chose to go up the mountain. Oak and Ash went gorge walking. Oak first did canoeing, most of them slipped into the canal.

Ash did gorge walking and the water level rose very high. Dupe dived into the water, and it was hilarious. The water almost rose to people's heads.

Even though we were all tired, we had a lovely trip to Wales. Therefore, we all said thank you to the staff: Colin (aka Declan), James, Paul, Alex, Meg, and Sarah. 

The children tried eating some nettles...

They didn't like them so much.

Colin, one of the activity tutors.

Day 3

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Today, Oak and Ash went for a 4 hour walk into town of Llangollen where they bought some sweets and souvenirs. On the walk some people fell and screamed as the paths were rocky. Despite this, everyone was really encouraging and everyone carried on until the end. The teams managed to climb up really high and also walked across the highest aqueduct in the U.K. The highest part of the walk was up to the ruins of a castle, Castell Dinas Bran, which was built in the 1260s.

Rowen went bike riding and we were all worn out. Gideon, who hadn't ridden a bike for many years, managed to regain his skills after just an hour. After lunch we went raft building and a few children fell into the water (or were they pushed...). Birch went raft building and once their raft entered the water it fell apart!

in the evening, after dinner, Oak and Ash went to the teepee and had marshmallows toasted on the campfire. Rowen and Birch went orienteering, exploring all the nooks and crannies of the activity centre.

Today everyone had fun doing our activities and we can't wait for what activities are coming for us tomorrow!

Day 2

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First we were split into groups with the names of trees: Oak, Birch, Ash and Rowen.

First, Ash went bike riding and Oak did the raft building. Birch went bike riding whilst Rowen went gorge walking, which got them really wet.

In the afternoon, Rowen went canoeing and everyone fell into the water. Ash, however did raft building; Elaine managed to find an old boot and splashed everyone. Birch went gorge walking and some people fell in fell into the water. Oak went bike riding and someone managed to fall off several times. 

Even though we were all soaking wet we all enjoyed ourselves and had cocoa and biscuits in the end.


The girls managed to beat the boys in having the tidiest room so we got to eat our sweets.

Day 1 Evening activities

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The children had their safety briefing before we set off on our evening activities. The groups did the low ropes course and the night line.

I guided Ayomiposi who was blindfolded through a series of obstacles. She struggled on some but we managed to successfully complete it. We completed it because we worked as a team - Daryl

My partner was Chisom and we worked well as a team. Even though she struggled for a while, we made it successfully in the end- Aliyah. A

And we're off!

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We are on the coach and on our way to Wales!

Miss Edwards closing the doors as we set off.

Year 6 School Journey to Wales

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This year Eagles are going to Bryntysilio in Wales. The children will take part in exciting activities such as raft building, kayaking and gorge walking.

Keep checking back to see what we have been up to!