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Reception 2024 Open Mornings 

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We have a number of testimonials from new parents, please see one below and the rest can be found on our 'Testimonials' tab

As a new member to Hawksmoor School I have nothing but praise. At first my girls were nervous to change schools but since they have moved they are so happy and that makes me a happy mum. The girls have had a tough time after losing my mum their Nan and the school is like a ray of sun shine to not only them but me too. My daughter received a star of the week in her first week which was a great achievement and I am super proud. I like the way the leaders of the school are present outside of the school grounds saying hello and making the children feel important and setting them up for the day ahead especially Mr Thompson he takes time to say hello to everyone and has checked in with me and the girls to see how things are going and get my feedback. The school dinners are great and my girls are always talking about how full they feel when I pick them up. I also like that you are emailed if your child has an accident.

Even though we have only been part of the school since 6th September 2023 we already feel part of the Hawksmoor School Family. I would highly recommend this school to everyone as I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart it’s the best thing I have ever done. 5 gold stars to this school and may this continue. 

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