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Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTAs)

Winning Poems for TFL Stars

Earlier this term, we launched a competition to write a poem about active travel to school. ​There were some incredible entries and it was really hard to chose a winner. The winning poems are below - well done to everyone that entered and congratulations to the two winners.

EO in Year 4 - Ride and Fun

Riding is fun

just like,

playing games. 

You can 

also walk

if that is 

your desire. 


Riding just 

like fun, 

which if we

all ride

think of how 

we can 

make a better 



NO in Year 3 

You need to be seen

Have to hold an adult's hand

Wear bright clothes

Be recognised from where you've been


Safe is good

Look left and right

Don't let go 

I know you will be in the mood


Also parents 

Make sure that they're safe

Hold their hand 

You need to care. 


Stop, look, listen!

Do you want to be lost? 

Hold on tight

Or go to the lollipop man. 

"Be bright be seen"  - keep safe during the winter months

We are selling reflector keyrings that can be clipped onto children's coats and bags to make them "be seen" at night. They come in different colours and shapes such as teddys, footballs and dinosaurs and cost £1.15; please purchase on PAY360.

What are JTAs?

“TfL's Junior Travel Ambassador (JTA) scheme encourages safer, active and independent travel within the school community, with a focus on year 6 pupils as they prepare for the transition to secondary school.

The scheme involves recruiting a team of JTAs; year 4 and 5 pupils who work to promote active travel and road safety to their peers through a range of activities.”  (Source 

Here at Hawksmoor School we are delighted to have our own team of Junior Travel Ambassadors or JTAs.

Our JTAs meet weekly and are responsible for promoting active travel to school by walking, scooting, cycling or even by park and stride.

The JTAs take assemblies and devise ways to get our school community more active on the way to and from School. They research and conduct surveys of our active travel and carry out class talks.

Our school community is encouraged to support the hard work of the JTAs by being active on the way to and from school.  


Gold STAR Achievement

At Hawksmoor, we have recently been awarded the TFL Gold Accreditation 2022 for all our hard work in keeping safe, active and sustainable travel high on our agenda.

A massive thank you to Mrs Jones, our Travel Co-ordinator, who has helped the school to get this amazing achievement! See our Gold STAR kitemark below:

JTA Comments

"By H in Year 4

Why is walking, cycling, scooting to school fantastic for the Earth? The reason why it is amazing to be active to school because if you drive to school you are creating more heat for us... The Earth is warming up, we do not know what to do, so please try if you can try to help us. This is called global warming."

"By D in Year 4

Walking to school, scooting, biking is all good for your health! This is also good for the environment too! Us JTAs pledge to help keep the environment clean, our air too. Be safe on the road day and night! Be Bright Be Seen Everyone!"

"By T in Year 4

You should walk to school because you can get exercise and you can get some fresh air. If you take the car or bus you are polluting the air. So if you walk to school or you can park and stride and you can save money for petrol. The more you walk to school the more you get fitter so that is the perfect excuse. Also a fun fact, sometimes it is better to walk to school because you can get stuck in traffic or there is nowhere to park. If you are walking all you have to do is walk, jog, run and cross the road. So walk to school."

"By E in Year 4

All the different methods you can use to get to school:

Walk - walk to school

Scoot- Scoot to school with a scooter

Cycle - Take a bike to cycle 

Park and Stride - Drive and part then walk the rest of your journey

By participating you can earn a badge for helping our school get Gold! Also you can save the environment."

"By A in Year 5

If you don't walk to school and keep driving, you will pollute the air and will be breathing in mostly polluted air, so please for our own safety, can we stop being lazy and walk to school more often or use "park & stride". Otherwise there will be more pollution than there needs to be in our air that we are breathing in. It is our job to help the environment, it is also yours."

"By N in Year 5

Walk to School or "Park & stride" because it helps our environment thrive. We need to do our part to save our lives. If we want to smell good air stop using cars. Also make sure you look both ways before crossing."

"By D in Year 5

Here are all the reasons why you should WALK:

Firstly, you are more healthy. Have you ever wondered how to lose weight, well walk as you can burn lots of calories. 

Secondly, you are helping keep the world healthier.

Thirdly, you are then encouraging others to walk which makes my job much easier. 

Lastly, you are keeping you and your child safe. 

If you can't walk:

One little thing makes an impact on the world.

It's actually fine if you can't walk. You may live far away so you might have to take a car ride or a bus. But did you know that you can still Park and Stride.

Park and Stride is basically when you drive but you park 5 minutes away from the school and walk from there to the school by still keeping society a bit healthy. 

By T in Year 5

Instead of driving it is better to ride a bike. This is because it is cheaper than cars and it is not expensive to maintain. It is a great way to exercise, it is good for the environment and enjoyable. 

We can ride electronic bikes that are powered by battery and are environmentally friendly. They are quicker to ride and still get exercise by pedalling. 

Skate boarding is another alternative to driving because it is fun to ride. They are faster than running and don't have harmful emissions. 

Walking is a great car alternative. It is a healthy exercise, it saves money on petrol, reduces emissions and avoids parking hassles. 

It is better to take public transport such as trains, tubes, bus, and trams. One car off the road saves the environment.