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PE Curriculum Rationale

Within our society, sedentary living patterns and unhealthy dietary habits are becoming more prevalent and there is strong evidence that states doing regular, moderate-intensity physical activity provides a range of physical, intellectual, and emotional benefits for everyone. 

At Hawksmoor from EYFS to year 6 we believe it is vital that pupils are given opportunities to participate in a range of enjoyable physical activities and learn and good nutrition habits at an early age, so they will be more likely to continue being physically active and make positive health choices into adulthood. To cultivate this, we believe that Physical Education should be an integral part of the primary curriculum. 

PE is delivered by our class teachers and by specialist teachers from EYFS to Year 6. Pupils will complete lessons inside and outside and may also visit other facilities including the local swimming pool. Swimming is taught in Year 5. We ensure wider participation in the community by involvement in local inter-school and borough sport competitions including cricket, rounders, football, netball, and handball.