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Staff Area

Hawksmoor School

Welcome from the Headteacher

I am proud to take this opportunity to offer you a very warm welcome to Hawksmoor Primary School.

Hawksmoor Primary School is a fully inclusive, value-based learning environment in the heart of Thamesmead. Our rich, vibrant and diverse members hold the ‘Hawksmoor Values’ as a key to their successes and allows the children to become outstanding pillars of the community.

“I love coming to school. My favourite part is learning how to become a better person and how I can make society better. By being the best that I can be I can make someone else’s day great.” Hawksmoor student

We pride ourselves at Hawksmoor on the relationships that we have developed with our families and the trust that we have for each another. At Hawksmoor we firmly believe that a strong partnership between school and home will help lead to excellent outcomes for our pupils, both academically and emotionally. Through working together, we have developed a school that ensures all children will leave as good members of society and will be prepared for the rigours and demands of 21st century Britain.

“I was nervous when we first came to England. My child started at Hawksmoor and I am so happy that I chose for him to come here. I am not nervous any longer, he has a great education.” Hawksmoor parent

We are proud of our fully inclusive curriculum that allows every child to succeed. We have over 70 languages spoken across the Trust and we are regularly welcoming children from all over the world. We value respect and hard work to ensure that all of the children in our care are happy. Through research, evidence and experience, we have developed a coherent, knowledge-based curriculum across all subjects which allows all our children to show outstanding academic progress and achievement.

“Hawksmoor ensured that my child’s needs were fully met. I have never known a school go to such lengths for all children, I am proud my child goes to school here.” Hawksmoor parent

Hawksmoor is a two form entry school with a capacity of 420 pupils. We would always strongly recommend coming to visit our school if you are interested in sending your child here for their primary education. It would be our pleasure to take the best care of your child and allow us to nurture them so that they can achieve their full academic potential and create happy memories that they will continue to cherish for the rest of their lives.

“I moved all three of my children here and it was the best decision I could’ve made I am so proud of what they are achieving.” Hawksmoor parent

Respect, Resilience, Collaboration, Kindness, Hard Work and Honesty… ‘Fly High at Hawksmoor’.


 James Thompson – Headteacher