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PSHE & Wellbeing

Dear Parents, Carers and Children, 

Welcome to our PSHE page for all things about you and your wellbeing. 

We will have things that are going on in and around the School. 

As you know from our Curriculum Page,  in our PSHE lessons in Spring 1 we are studying:
  • Healthy Me
    We look at how to stay healthy, how to look after ourselves

​The Charter

In our PSHE lessons we sign up to the following Charter: 

The Jigsaw Charter


Here are some little Mindfulness Exercises for you to try together at home. 

They have Mindful Breathing, Mindful Movements, Mojo Meets the Beast, Draw Your Beast.
Cosmickids is a great website for Mindfulness and Yoga. The Website is sadly not free after two weeks, but you can access many of Jaime's Yoga Stories and Mindfulness with supervision on You Tube. There is also You Tube Kids site for less access to the internet.

Healthy Me

We are learning about how to stay healthy and the importance of friendships, keeping ourselves clean and safe.

As part of this topic about well-being, one of the vital things that we teach our children is the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. 

From Year 1 upwards, we introduce the "Eatwell Guide" and discuss it within classes. The "Eatwell Guide" explains the 5 food groups: Carbohydrates, Protein, Dairy (or Dairy Alternatives) Fats and Oils and Fruits and Vegetables. It also discusses processed foods and which foods to avoid or to only consume a little of them.

These are the NHS "Eat Well Plates" that you can use to visualise what we should be putting on our plates to maintain a healthy balance:



 This is a link to the NHS website where you can find more information about the Eat Well Guide and why it is so important

The Eatwell Guide


In our Singing Assembly this term we are singing Rudimental's "These Days". 

We believe that singing is vitally important to wellbeing, team building whilst helping to improve reading and the feelgood factor. 

Our Children had an amazing experience participating at Young Voices at the O2 in January. They were amazing and we are so proud of them!

School Council

Our school council discuss PSHE and wellbeing at their meetings. We will keep you updated about the issues they are considering and the ideas they are putting forward

Junior Travel Ambassadors

The JTAs meet on Wednesdays to implement the Travel Plan. We are currently Gold Accredited.  We encourage all the children to Walk, Ride, Scoot or Park and Stride to come to school. We also really work to keep all our children safe on the roads around the school. Here is a link to our page Junior Travel Ambassadors

Healthy Schools

We have Healthy Schools Bronze Awards. We believe in fuelling our bodies in a healthy way to keep us well. 

British Values

Here is a link to the British Values Website. British Values are taught within PSHE but also in other areas of the curriculum.